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in Ridgeley, WV

None of us ever want to get to the point that we need therapy to feel better and be able to function normally…..but it happens. Needing both OT and PT for several issues, I called X- Cel for an appointment. I could not be more impressed with the staff and the services they provide. Everyone who works there is very friendly, kind, and caring while maintaining a remarkable level of expertise and professionalism. Some years ago, when I lived out of town, I received PT for an issue with my neck. Mechanical traction was used which complicated my situation. So, I am a strong advocate of hands-on-therapy and X-Cel does a wonderful job! – Rita C.

The therapists and staff at X-cel Performance are excellent and treat everyone like family. When I first came in, I didn’t have any movement in my right hand. As of today I have partial movement in several joints. – Krista L.

Amazing staff great experience with PT found a problem doctors did not and corrected it as well. Thanks again for giving me my son back! – Mandy W.

Neil is wonderful. He was professional & kind throughout my visits. Not only did he help with tight muscles but he listened to my emotional roller coasters. He deserves an award for that alone. The office is clean and all the other staff was friendly and helpful. Clarissa made you feel like part of the team not just a patient. – Tabitha W. 2017

Prior to having my surgery, I knew there was only one place for me to have my rehab, and that was going to be X-Cel Performance. From the time I walked in the door, you made me feel important, like I was family, and that my success in recovery, was your success as well. We all rerecover differently, and for me, my biggest obstacles were my pain and swelling. I was assigned to Kaitlin and Janessa. I could tell by the look on their faces they had a big job facing them. After 3 to 5 treatments, I was advised I needed to take my pain meds for me to begin getting better, and that it was crucial to my recovery process. I started following my orders, taking my meds, ice & elevate, and do my homework exercise. When we started seeing progress, and with the encouragement I received from Janessa, and Kaitlin, along with Paige, and Brooke, and the X-Cel staff, I worked as hard at home as I did at my treatments. Your honesty, compassion, and love you showed towards me gave me the drive to get better. The atmosphere that you all have created is one of family, caring, cheering, and it’s easy to see why your parking lot is crowded. It’s because you treat every patient the same. So today is my last treatment, and from the bottom of my heart I want to sincerely Thank You for the pain (lol) and the love you have shown me. Stay strong in your faith, never be ashamed to tell other about the Christ that lives with you. In closing, and if I forget to mention your name, please know I saw in your eyes when you walked by me, as I was trying, you were saying “you can do this, Rick.” 

Thank you, Janessa, Kaitlin, Paige, Brooke, Marisa, Karen, Wanita, Lori, Neil, Clarissa, Derva, Alex, and Aimee. In Christian Love, Rick R. 2020

This place is totally amazing. a fun professional group of people that have your needs at heart.. – Ted A. 2017

Great , fantastic , experienced workers and staff . Happy me :):) Thanks – Judi B.

Karen is awesome my treatment is going great and she has a very nice clinic – Paul H.

Wonderful people to be around. Karen is fantastic.
Kathy W.

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