Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy

Our Location is in a Convenient Location for Area Residents

X-Cel Performance Rehab LLC is a clinic centered in the heart of Short Gap, WV, and is conveniently located between Hunt Club Plaza and the Dollar General on Frankfort Highway (Route 28). X-Cel Performance Rehab LLC is a place with clinicians who work together and who want the best for their patients. Our facility offers quality care and is an excellent source of knowledge for how to live a healthier life.

X-Cel’s Mission is to Help You Heal & Get Better In Ridgeley, WV

At X-Cel Performance Rehab LLC, our mission is to help you heal and get better. Our highly trained staff is ready to treat any condition in the upper and lower regions of the body. We will help you relieve chronic pain and other conditions by using our specialized treatments. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, contact us online or give us a call at (304) 738-4045.

Physical and Occupational Therapy Services Provided by X-Cel Performance Rehab LLC:


Practicing physical therapy




Our Staff is Highly Trained & Knowledgeable in All Areas of Treatment

The staff at X-Cel Performance Rehab LLC is knowledgeable and highly trained in treatment techniques in physical therapy, occupational therapy, lymphedema management and more. We invite you to find out more about us. Everyday we assist those patients who visit our clinic with many different injuries and medical conditions to get better without surgery or medication. Our highly trained clinical staff emphasizes the importance of a hands on approach that has been proven to be the best form of treatment. Our goal is to restore your highest level of function through physical therapy and occupational therapy services to get you back to living a full and active life.

Physical Therapy is a Great Option to Treat and Heal Many Conditions

Physical therapy and occupational therapy are great treatment options for many different reasons and conditions. This can include pre and postoperative rehabilitation, acute or chronic pain, cervical spine pain, back pain, hand pain, and pain in the upper and lower extremities. When you visit our clinic your treatment will be designed based on your unique situation, needs and goals. Patients at our clinic can trust that they will receive treatment from a highly trained and compassionate physical and/or occupational therapist who is concerned with helping you reach your goal. No matter what, our number one goal at X-Cel Performance & Rehab LLC is to provide our patients with excellent care and get you back to a pain-free life. What was once an ice cream shop in Short Gap, WV, is now a clinical facility thriving with X-Cellence providing hands-on patient care by our loyal and loving team. Our facility has that “at home” feel where you can relax and be part of our family as we strive to make you feel better.